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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Did you know playing games while learning improves knowledge and understanding by up to 25%?

Since it's summertime and we are always looking for "fun" ways to incorporate reading into our summer routines, I rounded up my favorite games that help support reading development.

In no particular order, here’s my top choices:

Sight Word Swat

Sight Word Swat is a family favorite in our house! The cards are in the shape of flies, which are color coded by grade level-specific sight words. When a word is called out students race to find the word and give it a swat with the fly swatter! I particularly like this game because it also tests their working memory. (Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Sight Word Bingo

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Sight word BINGO is a fun way to help children recognize and memorize common sight words. You can purchase the one shown here or you can create your own BINGO cards with sight words instead of numbers and have the children match the words as they are called out. Get the whole family involved and make it a competition; winner doesn’t have to do walk the dog or do the dishes that night! (Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Word Family Memory Game

Edupress’s “Pete The Cat Purrfect Pairs Game” is a fun game with a lovable character available on Amazon for under $15! Students practice making pairs of words with matching beginning blends and digraphs. ("What's a DIGRAPH?" 2 consecutive letters that work together to make one sound. Ex: S/H makes the "shhhhh" sound, C/H makes the "CHA" sound.) (Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Word Pop!

What kid doesn’t love pop-its!? (What adult doesn’t love them too!?) This game incorporates a fidget tool to help support word recognition and spelling. Students are given a word and then have to find the word on the pop-it. Early readers must sound out and blend letter sounds while popping the letters. (Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Rhyming Word Dominoes

Rhyming Word Dominoes is a fun game that helps children recognize and produce rhyming words. Each domino has a picture and a word on it, and the children must match the words that rhyme. This Junior Learning version was always a hit in my classroom! (Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Reading Scavenger Hunt

A reading scavenger hunt is a fun way to get children excited about reading and MOVING around. UKloo is an early reader treasure hunt that was created by a mom of two boys who avoided reading like the plague…until she made a game out of it! Save this game for a rainy day activity and keep your kids active while they are stuck inside. (Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)


Zingo is another family favorite where the whole family can be involved! Zingo Sight Words is built to develop critical thinking skills and makes for a fun and challenging activity. This game is intended to improve language skills through fun and fast placed play.

(Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Magnetic Fishing Sight Word Game

This game not only works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, but it also comes with 220 wooden sight word fish in five different levels and 4 wooden fishing poles. I loved setting this up in a little kiddy pool in my classroom when I was a teacher!

(Click the image to be directed to Amazon Link)

Family game night is such a wonderful way to connect with your children, regardless of their age or ability. Incorporating reading games that are intended to practice reading skills will not only give them the practice they need, but it will carve out some family fun time too!

Click the images to find these games directly on Amazon.

Believe in the magic of reading.


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