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Meet Finley!

Collaborating with my two daughters to create this story has been an incredible journey. What started as a silly idea quickly turned into a passion project for all of us.

My oldest daughter, Emma (6), played an integral role in the creative process. She dedicated herself to sketching out our main character several times until she got it just right.

When it was finally time to find an illustrator, I searched for someone who could bring our character to life. After sending Illustrator Lau Frank a short description of what we wanted and a few pictures for inspiration, he sent over his mockup. Seeing our character, which we had talked about non-stop at home, become something real was an emotional experience that brought me to tears.

We had referred to our fairy character as "Finley" from the start; however, it wasn't until we saw Lau's sketch that we knew it was the perfect name for her.

Finley is not just any fairy; she is special because she embodies the characteristics that we all possess. She is silly, sweet, and a bit mischievous, just like us. With Finley, we wanted to create a relatable character that can capture the hearts of people of all ages.

Lau's sketch brought Finley to life, and we are so grateful for the creativity and talent that has been put into making our story real. With the perfect name and a charming personality, Finley is now ready to take on the world and become a beloved character that people will cherish for years to come.

Everyone, meet Finley the Fairy!

© Finley is a copyrighted character. All rights reserved.

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