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My Top 10 Children's Books That Should Be In Your Home Library

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

In no particular order, let's explore my top 10 children's books.

Chrysanthemum is a story about a little girl who is teased about her name on the first day of school, but ultimately finds the self-esteem and self-acceptance needed to stand up against those that teased her. As a mom of two daughters, I love the message of this story.

Nobel Prize winner and activist Malala Yousafzai introduces early readers to the amazing potential all children have. The text is simple and the illustrations bring the readers in. This book is all around a great recommendation for children to feel inspired.

This book is rich in rhythmic rhyme that explains all the emotions and thoughts a parent has as their children grow up. Nine times our of ten this is my "go-to" book for a baby shower or new mom.

This children's book is intended to introduce the alphabet to young readers, while also have a clear rhythm and beat throughout. Although the illustrations are simple, the bright colors make it highly engaging.

This is an oldie but goodie! Corduroy was one of my favorites as a child and it continues to hold its place as a top seller because of the powerful message. The story follows a department store teddy bear that continues to be overlooked because he is missing a button. Finally, a little girl sees Corduroy the Bear, bring him home, fixes his button and makes him feel loved for the first time.

This is a sweet story about a boy living in America that is pen pals with a boy living in India. The two exchange letters and pictures and learn that although where they live may be different, and even look different, they have similar interests and share a lot of similarities. I love reading this book to my children because it exposes them to other countries and other ways of life.

You can't help but root for the naughty main character, David, despite his challenges staying out of trouble. All children will identify with the main character in some way and the illustrations make the story even more engaging and interesting. This is a great book when talking about behaviors and controlling ones own actions.

All children can instantly relate to this story about what happens when a favorite stuffy goes missing. What I love most about this book is the mix of photography and illustrations. I found my children were always fascinated with the unique style of illustrations.

I love a book with a powerful message for young readers! My Magical Choices is full of fun rhyme that empowers children to take responsibility for their own happiness by being intentional about self talk, confidence, and positivity. All children can benefit from a book that teaches them how to be their own "hype person."

The Little Blue Truck series has a ton of great options, but Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend is my personal favorite. The farm is excited about a new animal friend joining them, but making new friends can be a bit intimidating and uncomfortable. Blue knows just to what to do to help new and old friends feel welcome and loved. This is a great book about friendships!

Believe in the magic of reading.


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